After School Programs

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Unplug & Create (pre-k-5)

Children will learn how to Pause, Breathe, Play, Focus & Create as they Connect to their inner and outer world.

The classes focus on whole child development; mind, body and spirit.

The students build social and emotional skills. At the same time, they develop positive thinking, self- awareness, emotional regulation, focused attention and empathy. 

Each week a new lesson is introduced, through sound challenges,  breath exercises, yoga poses, mindfulness activities/role playing, art reflection and visual relaxation.

Upon completion each child will receive a certificate.

Programs can be modified to fit the needs of a particular group.

Choose from 12 or 16 week sessions

Students are divided into 2 age appreciate groups by grades- K-2 & 3-5


Clubs- Unplug 2 Connect  (6-12th grades)

Unplug. Connect. Stretch. Breathe. Relax

Specialized class created for  Tweens/Teens that offers them the time to connect with one another through the shared social experience of Yoga.   Creating the time and space to unwind from exam stress, move and feel their bodies through a flowing practice whilst focusing on the breath to calm the mind, emotions and nervous system. 

 Yoga builds strength, flexibility, stability and balance through the poses and explores creative expression through discussions and activities.  In addition teens have the chance to support a healthy nervous system with the practice of deep relaxation at the end of each class. 


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