Mindful Parenting for Expecting Parents

Parents expecting their first child is an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Bringing a child into this modern day, technology driven world is stressful all on it’s own. 

I remember when I was a Newbie on the block. my friends had kids already they were giving me advice, books, sending me articles it was very nice but frankly it was making me crazy and I was having a boy I had no clue what to do with that thing, I had a sister! Although I was Mildly stressed I was really enjoying my pregnancy. I read all the books like “what to expect when you’re expecting”, positive parenting, etc. and had one friend who had two boys and made me most awesome baby shower.

Anyway not to get off the subject I do wish I had some parenting tools other than just roll with it. And although I was an avid meditator and Yogi I didn’t know how to incorporate my own tools into being a parent. 

Now studies are saying that mothers that experience stress during pregnancy may pass that on to their child. And Although stress is a normal part of life there are ways we can learn to manage them making our parenting experience more joyful and less stressful.

So I am going to give to you what I did not have and peace of mind. 

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Allison Rosenberg