Finding Calm in the choas


We believe in the importance of educating the Whole Child, by developing their physical, social and emotional needs, giving young people the chance to reach their full potential.

Mindfulness and Yoga are interrelated practices that focus on the organic wellness of the whole person- mind, breath and body. These practices work together bringing a greater amount of  present moment awareness to all areas of  life.



We provide powerful, research based mindfulness & yoga programs to help schools and families cultivate well-being by reducing stress and developing healthy habits of the mind, body and heart.

 Programming options to support your school and whole family in creating a mindful environment that nourishes both you and your children. Our highly skilled and diverse teaching team offers in-school and after school programs from Pre-K to 12 th grade,  Staff development, parent workshops and parent coaching as well as therapeutic privates for children and teens.