Staff Development

We can’t be there in our fullest capacity to teach kids if we’re not in our fullest capacity ourselves.
— Danna Thomas, Kindergarten teacher and Founder of The Happy Teacher Revolution.

In a state of increased Standardized testing and common core chaos, students are feeling the same stressors that adults feel. 

We can’t change the system of education but we can give them skills to navigate through the ups and downs of life.



Self- Care for Teachers

Support teachers and school staff by giving them tools to reduce stress, exhaustion, frustration and burn out.
Set your teachers up for success!

  • Learn about mindfulness and receive detailed guidance for establishing a personal practice, including practical wellness and self-care strategies for managing stress and avoiding burnout
  • Experience guided practice in a variety of mindfulness and yoga exercises

This session is also relevant for paraprofessionals, administrators, secretarial staff, and other school personnel


The Compassionate Classroom

Are you frustrated by your students behavior? Feel like you want to yell? Wish you could spend more time on content and less time on classroom management? In this workshop you will learn mindfulness and yoga based tools and techniques to get your students engaged rather then controlled..

  • Explore teaching as a mindfulness practice, and learn how mindfulness helps you teach with purpose, passion, and presence
  • Practice strategies for mindful communication, mindful teaching, and teaching mindfulness to students

The latest research shows mindfulness training for teachers

  • helps teachers reduce stress and avoid burnout
  • promotes healthy relationships between teachers and students
  • promotes the use of effective teaching and classroom management practices
  • makes classroom transitions easier and gives teachers more time to teach


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We are committed to health and happiness for your school and community

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