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Welcome to Mindfulness4kidz


Empower. Educate. Engage.

We provide powerful, research based mindfulness and yoga programs to help schools and communities cultivate well-being by reducing stress and developing healthy habits of the mind, body and heart.

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Today’s students face tremendous pressure to achieve within a world that is often overwhelming. We offer programming designed to build the inner resilience needed to navigate physical, mental and emotional stress, and overcome barriers to learning.

We offer Innovative programs for the entire school community that builds resilience, improves emotional balance, teaches social and emotional skills and help kids navigate challenges in and out of the classroom. Our highly skilled and diverse teaching team offers in-school programs and clubs from 3rd to 12th grade, as well as Staff development and PTA/ptsa fundraisers.

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Mindfulness & Yoga teach strategies for developing emotional awareness, focus and concentration, self-control, and stress-management. 

Research in neuroscience and psychology have shown the following benefits:

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Mindfulness is being present in the now, slowing down and breathing in calm and peace.
— tracie brown

Programs & Services


Bring Mindfulness & Yoga to your school or youth organization

 Students  today face a tremendous amount of pressure to achieve within a world that is often overwhelming. The tools of mindfulness and yoga offer proven methods of developing the inner resilience needed to navigate physical, mental and emotional stress. Bringing these practices to your school or community organization is a simple way to support making your students’ lives healthier, and can increase their capacity to learn effectively, manage challenging emotions, self-regulate behavior, and achieve personal and academic success.

Set your staff up for success

Teaching is a stressful job, but it doesn't have to be. Mindfulness is a valuable wellness and self-care tool for teachers and has been demonstrated to reduce teacher stress and burnout. 
We offer several different programs, all with the benefits to live happier and healthier lives in and out of the classroom.

Personalized support for families & individuals

When parents become stressed that stress becomes contagious; children know when their parents are tense and overwhelmed. Part of helping your children relax and become more resilient, begins with the way you manage your own emotions. Learn tools to help you reconnect to yourself to become cool, calm and connected parents.

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Community Events

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Everyday Mindfulness

Use our five foundations of mindfulness to start your day.


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Meet Allison

Founder & educator of M4kidz. Mother of two teens.  Certified Children's Yoga Instructor. Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator. Guided Imagery Specialist. BA in Communications. AA in Art Education.  Over a decade of personal practice in Mindfulness, Yoga and Art Expression.

Allison has worked with kids ages 3-18 in both private and public schools, community youth centers, camps, and recovery centers in South Florida & New York.